About Reece Ristau

calculator-reece ristau

Topics like psychology and marketing are specialties of Reece Ristau. Previously, he has been known to be found presenting at public speaking events. Through his online Optimum Business Academy, he will be releasing two books. The topics covered include Reece Ristau’s teachings about business which are also practices he exercises.

Reece Ristau attended the MIT Sloan School of Management and the Harvard Extension. His areas of concentration included Business and Business Management. This training has equipped him with the proper certifications to be a Franchise Broker and Finance Agent.

Growing up, Reece had an interest in pursuing the Navy Seal training with his best friend. However, he decided to take a new route. After trying voiceover work, he dove into business. It turns out that he had a longstanding involvement with business. In the seventh grade, Ristau was already providing freelanced services in technology. By high school, he was the project manager for outsourced works. This became the framework that established his current career.

Business coaching is an aspect of being a finance agent. Reece Ristau enjoys helping individuals transition from corporate business to small business entrepreneurship. Ristau points out that there is a divide in skills that becomes evident in that transition. Therefore, he teaches people with management training from former corporate professions. They learn items such as the intersection between business and marketing. He feels most accomplished when clients can say, “I understand this business.”

An area that Reece Ristau is also passionate about is fitness and wellness. He follows Dave Asperey’s Bulletproof diet as a way to achieve overall maximum physical performance. Ristau has even spent over one thousand hours of his own research in the area of nutrition. The best restaurants in Reece’s opinion are in cities along the coast. To learn more about Reece Ristau’s wellness journey, visit his fitness and wellness site here.



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